Weihenstephan Brewery – A tour/tasting that provides a lot of bang for your buck

Weihenstephan Brewery is the oldest running brewery in the world. The brewery itself sits on top of a hill overlooking the Technical University of Munich and takes approximately 45 minutes to get to the campus by subway and bus. The students who attend the university use the brewery on a daily basis to learn the craft of brewing and get hands on experience for their respective majors.

The Resie PR team took a tour of the brewery (60 minutes long) and participated in a beer tasting (45 minutes long). Our tour guide was a student at the University studying to be a brew master and worked part time at the brewery. The guide was very knowledgeable while talking our group through the different steps of the brewing process and was entertaining during throughout the beer tasting.

The most interesting part of the tasting was learning the differences between a wine tasting, which many people have experienced before, and a beer tasting. Below are the four steps to beer tasting.

Step 1: Pour the beer so that the form collects on the top, the foam is where the scent of the beer is held, making a more potent scent. *pouring beer at an angle to decrease the amount of foam that collects on the top is an American tendency and not used in most countries.

Step 2: Take a sip and hold the beer in your mouth.

Step 3: Breathe our of your nose while still keeping the beer in your mouth. This action actives the tastebuds in your throat, allowing you to experience the full flavor of the beer.

Step 4: Enjoy the robust flavor of each unique brew.

This process differs greatly from the wine tasting process because wine is typically spit out once it has been consumed. There is no need to swallow the wine because it does not add any additional taste to the experience by swallowing it.

The price for the tour and tasting is 9 euros. During the tasting you will try four of the best selling Weihenstephan beers, get a large soft pretzel and a voucher for 2 euros off anything in their gift shop (beer, glasses, hats, etc). You also keep your mini beer glass used during the tasting. The glass has the Weihenstephan brewery logo on the front.

Reise PR highly recommends this to any person who is fascinated with the brewing process, wishes to learn more about the oldest brewery in world or just wishes to experience a brewery tour and tasting. The staff is knowledgable and willing to teach people about the art of brewing.

Brewery Tour Times

Mondays: 10 am, Tuesdays: 10 am & 1:30 pm, Wednesdays: 10 am

Pictured below: The four beers we tasted on our tour, left to right: Original, Hefe Weissbier (best seller), Vitus (voted best beer of the year at the World Beer Awards), Korbinian (tastes like chocolate!)



Our Teams Top Picks

Kirstie: Original

Sarah: Vitus

Wyatt: Hefe Weissbier

Nikki: Hefe Weissbier

For more information and to book your tour visit: http://weihenstephaner.de/en/ or contact Reise PR at reisepr@gmail.com


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