World-renowned Hofbräuhaus


The legendary Hofbräuhaus in Munich is one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations.

The Hofbräuhaus is one of the oldest beer halls in Munich. It was founded in 1589 by the Duke of Bavaria, Wilhelm V. as a brewery solely for the royal residence, however the beer quickly became popular around town because of the brewer and his famous “Bavarian Beer Purity Law.” In the 17th century the brewery switched primarily to wheat beer. Years later, the Hofbräuhaus in Munich was used by Hilter and the Nazi party for political events and commemorations. Other famous people to have visited Munich’s Hofbräuhaus include Wolfgang Amadeous Mozart, John F. Kennedy, and the American author Thomas Wolfe. The Hofbräuhaus has more than 400 years of rich history that make it a must as a tourist destination.

Naturally we were curious to see what the buzz was all about and made it a top priority during our stay in Munich. Walking in through the huge double doors we were in awe of how lively and full the restaurant was. People from all walks of life were enjoying massive mugs of Hofbraü beer while sitting along long rows of benches and enormous wooden tables. Customers ranged from traditional Bavarian Germans to tourists from every continent across the world.

The beer was delicious and crisp, however if you’re looking for a quick and cheap place to grab some beers, Haufbräuhaus might not be the place to go. A liter of light or dark Hofbraü beer will run you €8 (close to $11 USD). In addition, after 6 p.m. the Hofbraühaus does not offer half liters, so if you’re visiting for dinner be prepared to drink an entire liter.

If you’re not a fan of beer, the Hofbräuhaus offers a great version of Radler, which consists of light beer mixed with lemonade. I had never had Radler before and was surprising delicious. It tasted similar to a light beer with a citris-y fruity taste to it. In addition, you can get wines and mixed drinks if you prefer.

The Hofbrauhaus waiters are impressive; the waiter delivered all our liters of beer in one hand!


 A few Reise PR ladies enjoying the Hofbrauhaus 


A live band is always playing, filling the beer hall with traditional Bavarian music



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