Allianz Arena – more than just a stadium

When in Munich, any soccer fan makes a point to take a guided tour of the Allianz Arena, home of the FC Bayern Munich team. The tour itself is 10 euros and lasts a little over an hour. People are able to see the field, press conference room, locker rooms and athlete media room and access to other behind the scene rooms.

After our tour of the arena, we found ourselves at the beer garden located in the upper deck of the stadium. Personally, I enjoyed the schnitzel with some ketchup on a soft kaiser roll with a side of Paulaner beer.

Paulaner is the only brand of beer that is sold at the arena because they are one of the largest sponsors of Bayern Munich and own the rights to having their beer be the only ones served with in the arena limits.

The waitress told us about her experience of working a home FC Bayern Munich game last year. The beer garden was packed with fans of both teams, they were crowded around the long tables and large television screens. Elizabeth, the waitress, had never seen so much beer served before to support to rowdy fans as they cheered on their teams from above the field.

Her story made each of us wish we were there to experience it although it was hard to image as we sat in the nearly deserted beer garden. The season had ended only a few days before our visit so there were far less people frequenting the arena than usual. We spent the rest of our time mulling around the expansive gift shop and sipping on our favorite blend of Paulaner beer.



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