Checking out the Craft Brew Scene in Berlin

One thing that caught our attention when we first arrived in Berlin was the growing trend of craft beer in this city. Through word of mouth we found out about a new craft brewery in Berlin called Flying Turtle Brewery, so we stopped by their grand opening celebration in a hip and trendy neighborhood of downtown Berlin. The brewery offered cups of beer for 1 euro and free pretzels, peanuts and and breadsticks. The atmosphere was fun and relaxed with people gathered around tables chatting and playing ping pong while the sun set. The craft beer scene in Berlin is definitely on the rise, with new breweries popping up every year. Check out some of these other craft breweries during your stay in Berlin to gain an authentic experience of this growing trend: Beer4Wedding, Eschenbräu, Leibhaftig, Vagabund Brewery and many more. The Flying Turtle had great beer, so be sure to keep this in mind when you are tasting all the different beers that Berlin has to offer.




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