The Tap House – A Local Favorite

Reise PR did some research by asking locals where their favorite place is to grab a drink with friends. Time and time again we were told about the Tap House. This stirred our curiosity and we spent one night marveling at the rustic decor and hundreds (yes, hundreds) of beer options. It is truly a beer lover’s heaven.

We sampled three types of Camba beer that comes from a popular microbrewery in Bavaria. The beers were amber ale, hell and weissbier (wheat beer). All were delicious and available on tap. (pictured below is Camba Amber Ale, a Reise favorite)


The most memorable beer was Schlenkerla, a smoked beer that tasted like the a fresh batch of bacon. The beer gets its smokey flavor from smoking the malt in the first part of the brewing process. If you have never experienced a smoked beer before, it is not something you should miss, and Tap House provides it at a moderate price. 

Take note that the Tap House does not open until 5 p.m., so it is best to visit before or after dinner. They do provide a lengthy snacks and entree menu for those who wish to stay all night and attempt to try all 100+ beers on tap. Our group decided on the pretzels served with a side of beer cheese dip (pictured below).


Address: Rosenheimer Straße 108, 81669 München, Germany

Below: The inside of the Tap House gives visitors a rustic feel














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