Vagabund Brauerei

To start off our exploration of Berlin’s beers we headed over to the second-smallest brewery/pub in Berlin. This “nano” brewery, Vagabund Brauerei, was different from any of the places we previously visited. The start of this business began in the homes of three boys from Maryland, USA.

One of the three owners, David Spengler, explained the set up of the pub/brewery and showed how they were able to make a small budget cover ingredients, machinery, and amenities for the pub scene. Old windows transformed into chalk-painted signs above the bar, the tables were hand-me-downs from a pub down the street, and the beer taps were old handles handcrafted from different objects. The boys truly made their dollar stretch.

Apart from their practicality, Vagabund is the only brewery to ignore the purity laws and rely strictly on “experimentation.” It sounded like something many would be interested in doing, especially in comparison to all the schooling most brew masters in Germany must complete.

This small, unique and relaxed brewery/pub is competing in an industry that relies on meticulous training and preparation while dancing to the beat of their own drum, and it was some of the best beer I had while in Berlin.

Address: Antwerpenerstr. 3 | 13353 Berlin, Germany




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