Our Current Project

Reise Public Relations is currently partnering with the German Beer Association, the firm’s newest client, to create an integrated campaign that targets American beer enthusiasts with the intention of inspiring them to travel to Germany and experience the country’s drinking culture.

The German Beer Association keeps tabs on the thriving beer industry that is a large part of the country’s culture. The craft beer trend, which has already become well established in the United States, has made its way to Europe in the past 3 to 5 years. The number of craft breweries opening in Germany is on the rise, with new ones opening every year. Beer enthusiasts who are interested in the art of brewing or perhaps even brew their own beer as a hobby are the heart of the campaign.

The completed campaign will include social media (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter), a blog (reisepr.wordpress.com), an itinerary (3 days in Munich, 2 days in Berlin), and a mini podcast series geared towards the hobby of brewing, the craft beer industry in Germany, a how-to on opening your own brewery, the history of  the famous Hofbrauhaus and much more.

To anyone who considers themselves a beer enthusiast or would like well-researched recommendations on where to grab a drink in Munich and/or Berlin: we encourage you to check out our social media accounts and blog for full details of the itinerary.

Twitter: @ReisePR

Instagram: ReisePR

Pinterest: Reise PR



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